Hi, I am Soubhagya Kumar Patra, author of this blog; I am an MBA-Finance and CFP form FPSB India. The sole objective of this blog is to spread Financial Literacy among the readers. I have been into financial services industry since 2007. In this blog I have tried to share all my leanings so far (Yes, still learning).

“A Plan is just a Plan until it’s implemented”, in the same way knowledge within yourself has no worth until it’s shared with others. 🙂

As the slogan of this blog is “Your Online Financial Fitness Centre”, that means here I would like to ensure each of the readers are healthy enough in terms of their financial knowledge so that none of the so called agents or manufacturer of financial products can miss guide or miss sell them.

I think not only having the knowledge of any financial products or knowing the jargons of finances is enough, but also understanding the behavioural aspect of each individual in their financial life crucial. And that is the reason why Behavioural Finance is one of the core area of interest of mine.

You can write to me at soubhagya.patra@succinctfintech.com or connect me at Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and Google Plus 

Hi, I am Bhuvaneshwer Prasad; I am an MBA-Finance. Apart from blogging here, I also take care of maintenance of this blog. Though Personal Finance is a core area of interest of mine, I also carry interest into technologies. In the last 5 years of my financial services industries experience I have learnt many things, out of which the most important learning for me is “financial literacy is the only weapon through which you will be able to safeguard yourself from any mis selling and wrong advice“.

What I believe is “Do not Invest just to Save Tax, rather do Tax Planning to Save Tax”.

In most of my articles I indicate what are the common mistakes today the investors are making while choosing a financial product. That’s why my aim here is to unveil the right information rather than making you ignore them. In this blog I not only tried sharing my knowledge towards money and its management, but also increasing my social networking arena. I always welcome unbiased comments and feedback which might help me in developing our blog better.

You can write to me at bhuvaneshwer.prasad@succinctfintech.com or connect me at Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and Google Plus

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