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Three to four email accounts, few more numbers of bank accounts, TPIN, Visa verification numbers and lot of other things where you need to remember those login IDs, passwords and secret questions etc that you need them on daily basis and few once in a while, right? It’s really difficult to remember all these login credentials. Sometime when you forget the password you try forgot password or any given reset option with some secret code/questions etc. But what if all these trials go futile?

Really a nail scratching situation :-), isn’t it? This was the case with one of the readers of this blog when he had to file his IT returns online during the last minutes of AY 2013-14 and he had to login his account. Surprise the password what he was having in mind is not working at all, then he try with forgot password option, but the details of the secret questions are not matching because first time when he created the account actually that was done by his friend and he did not share what secret question he put over there. Now when the friend was asked about the same, he said “yaar bhul gaya, yaad nai” (sorry I don’t remember).

Now what to do? Don’t worry, in such cases IT dept has given various options/steps to get it fixed. In this article we will see how to reset an income tax e-filing password from a basic to complex situations like above.

Here I take you through with the step by step process to reset the password. There are two ways by which you can reset the password. The very first and easiest way is Forgot Password Option and the second one Through Sending eMail.

Method 1: Forgot Password Option

1. Click on Login here in https://incometaxindiaefiling.gov.in/

Forgot Password-1

2. Click on Forget Password

Forgot Password-2

3. Enter PAN as your User ID & Captcha code then click on Continue.

Forgot Password-3

4. After step 3 you will find the below screen where you will find 3 option to choose any of them. Select one of them which you are comfortable with its respective data requirement. I will explain you about all the option one by one.

Forgot Password-4

Answer Secret Question: if you know the below answer then Select 1st Option.

a. Date of Birth/Incorporation
b. Secret Question
c. Secret Answer
d. After giving correct answer click on submit button
e. You will get new screen where you can set your new password and confirm it by re entering the same and click on submit button.

Forgot Password-5

In the alternative option choose Upload Digital Signature Certificate: if you have digital signature then only this option will be suitable to you where you need to upload the .pfx file or Upload using USB Token.

Forgot Password-6

After clicking on Submit option you will get below popup screen to select and upload the signature.

Forgot Password-7

In the third option Enter e-Filed Acknowledgement Number and Bank Account Number: This option is very well possible if you have last financial year income tax returns copy where you can find the acknowledgment number. In case you don’t find in your documents then you can check your mail as well where you may find it.

Forgot Password-8

After success of any of these above options click on submit button you will find the new screen where you can enter new password and confirm the password by entering again then click on Submit.

Forgot Password-9

With this you complete the resetting you e-filing password and use it for filing your income tax returns. If all of these above process doesn’t work for you in case you don’t remember the secret questions or other confidential infomration then you can resort to the second method to reset your password i.e.

Method 2: Through Sending eMail

Even after using above option you are not able to set the password then there another way where you can set the password by just sending mail.

You just need to send an email to validate@incometaxindia.gov.in with the below required details asking to reset your password.

i. PAN Number
ii. Pan Holder Name
iii. Date of Birth/ Date of incorporation
iv. Father’s Name
v. Registered PAN Address

You will receive reply in 48 hours from donotreply@incometaxindia.gov.in and then you can reset the password with new password.

Hope this article would help you in detail to reset the password. Do share your further query or view.