Government wish to implement the much desired wish to implement direct cash subsidy from October 1, 2013 with giving subsidy direct to the bank account of LPG gas connection holder using the Aadhar card platform. Government has fixed the date October 1 for implement this scheme throughout the country.

This scheme requires the LPG gas connection holder to open the Aadhar linked bank account to get the subsidy. However most of the banks have already started informing the account holders to add their Aadhar card in the bank account to get the govt benefits. I hope you must have recived such communications from your bank.

LPG Subsidy

A consumer will get around Rs. 4,000 of subsidy in a year as the number of subsidiary LPG cylinders is limited to 9 per year to a consumer. As of now UIDAI department has issued around 32 crore Aadhar cards till now but around 80 lakhs Aadhar cards are linked to the bank accounts so far.

Government will implement this desired pilot projects in installments as 20 districts of the country will come in the first phase and will be covered from May 15. There are around 14 crore LPG gas consumers in the country and government needs to bear a lot of amount in subsidy.

Government is in the way of reducing the subsidy amount as well as stops the black marketing and ghost connection.

In this process, first government asks for KYC. Then limited the number of LPG gas connection top 9 per year and now the direct cash subsidy.

A genuine consumer will get little effect with these new formalities but it will surely hit hard to the ghost connections.

There are many things to be done before implementing direct cash subsidy. There are issue for applying Aadhar cards and fingerprint as well as UIDAI must look the matter of speeding the process and provide high class and big machine which can take finger prints of old peoples and children.

Have you linked your Aadhar to your bank or yet to apply for your Aadhar, then don’t delay just get it done without any excuse.

LPG subsidy directly in bank accounts from October 1, 2013

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