Find the table below for the TDS (Tax Deduction at source) rates and threshold limit for financial year 2014-15 or assessment year 2015-16. In this table there is complete list of the payment on which TDS is deducted, threshold limit, assessee type (tax payer) and rate of TDS.

Also note; Threshold limit mentioned in the table below is the limit upto which no TDS will be deducted.

Sl. No.Section of ActThreshold (Rs)Nature of Payment in briefRate %
1192-SalariesAverage rates as applicable
21935000Interest on debentures1010
3194-Deemed dividend1010
4194A10000Interest other than Int. on securities (by Bank)1010
4A194A5000Interest other than Int. on securities (By others)1010
5194B10000Lottery / Cross Word Puzzle3030
6194BB5000Winnings from Horse Race3030
7194C(1)30000Payment to Contractors12
8194C(2)30000Payment to Sub-contracts/ Advertisements12
9194D20000Insurance Commission1010
10194EE2500Payments out of deposits under NSS20-
11194F1000Repurchase of units by MF/UTI2020
12194G1000Commission on sale of lottery tickets1010
13194H5000Commission or Brokerage1010
14194I180000Rent (Land & building) furniture & fittings)1010
180000Rent (P & M , Equipment)22
15194 IA5000000TDS on transfer of immovable property other than agriculture land (Effective from 1 June 2013)11
16194J30000Professional/Technical charges/ Royalty & Non-compete fees1010
17194J(1)(ba) -Any remuneration or commission paid to director of the company (Effective from 1 July 2012)1010
18194LA200000Compensation on acquisition of immovable property1010

Other Important Points:

  1. No surcharge and education cess to be added while deducting TDS
  2. As per Section 206AA, TDS is required to be deducted @ 20% if the deductee does not possess or fails to furnish PAN.
  3. Person submitting form 15G/15H to avoid TDS needs to submit PAN else 20% TDS will be applicable.
  4. Education Cess @ 2% plus secondary & Higher Education Cess @ 1% is deductible at source in case of non-residents and foreign company.
TDS Rates and Threshold Limit for Financial Year 2014-15

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