A CODICIL is a legal document that changes specific provisions of a Last WILL and TESTAMENT but leaves all of the other provisions unchanged. As long as you are mentally competent, you can change, modify, update, or completely revoke your Last WILL and TESTAMENT at any time.

Remember, a codicil can be used to “change” something in a WILL – this means that it can also be used to cancel some provision stated in a WILL. So a codicil can also be used to cancel an existing codicil.

How many Codicils can a WILL have?

A WILL can have multiple codicils, and all of them are deemed to form a part of the WILL. A WILL and all its codicils are supposed to be one single document, and are always read together for the interpretation of the WILL.

Note; there is no way to specify the number of codicils existing to a WILL. So, if a codicil is lost or a fake codicil is added by someone with bad intention, there is no way for anyone to know!

What is Codicil..???

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